Connecting young people to the world of tech and opportunity

A partnership between Nottingham Forest Community Trust and Ideagen to promote the benefits of a career in tech for young people.

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Inspiring young people for a future in technology

Ideagen, a fast-growing software company, and NFCT are joining forces to help inspire young people from diverse communities across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to embrace technology careers

Our aim is to use the power of football to get young people interested in technology-based jobs as a viable, exciting and rewarding career path. As well as some technical skills, young people will be taught softer skills that will help with their employability longer term.

The programme is for key stage 4 students in mainstream, SEND and AP schools in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. CEO of Ideagen, Ben Dorks and CEO of NFCT Graham Moran aim to impact on the career aspirations and opportunity awareness of local young people.

The project will result in inspired young people who are aware of and prepared for roles in tech.

The benefits

With so many careers and jobs that never existed before, this is an exciting time for young people to join the technology industry as it continues to grow and empower everything we do.

The Think Big programme is all about breaking down the barriers into the industry to educate young people and help them make informed choices.

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Gain experience of tech roles through interactive workshops

Workshop participation gives students a chance to explore tech sector workplace activities and skills, enhancing their career awareness and their CVs.

Be prepared for jobs that are in demand

Young people will come out of the programme with valuable knowledge and experience which will help them to get into the industry.

Feel motivated about the world of work

Providing a varied and inspiring range of materials will help to get students excited and motivated about going into work.

Boost confidence and knowledge

The workshops and materials are designed to give young people the confidence they need to work towards achieving their goals and aspirations.

Access to tech career resources for career leaders

The programme provides useful information and resources for career leaders to build into their careers curriculum. Some activity meets some Gatsby Benchmarks (learning from careers and labour market information, linking curriculum learning to careers, encounters with employers and employees and experiences of workplaces).

Get direct access to role models in tech and sports roles

This gives students the chance to talk to and learn from people in the workplace and get help and advice for how to build up their skills.

What to expect

The Think Big programme will consist of an introductory film, workshops, access to role models and competitions. Visits to Ideagen HQ will introduce some student groups to the workplace where there will be an opportunity to take part in technology-based challenges.

Schools can request ‘ask the experts’ slots over Microsoft Teams with tech role models from Ideagen and NFCT. Winners of NFFC Match Day ticket competitions can both enjoy the game and explore how technology is used throughout.

One hour workshops will cover the following themes:

• Nottingham and Tech

• Tech in Sport

• Diversity of Roles in Tech

Apprenticeships at Ideagen will be available to compete for from the spring term of 2022. The information and workshops linked to these apprenticeship opportunities will be sent directly to Careers Leaders in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire when they are open (this will be for schools and colleges).

Real people in tech

Jobs in tech are much more varied than you might think. We put the spotlight on four people to delve into their stories and how they think big in the workplace.

Social media manager at Nottingham Forest, Matt talks about what his job involves and how he uses technology within it.

Lauren talks about her experience working at the Nottingham Forest Superstore and where technology factors into the running of the store.

As an animator at Ideagen, Jordan talks about how he turned his lifelong passion for animation into a career.

Hear from Bethany about her apprenticeship with Ideagen in UX where she works with the visual and interactive elements of software.

Take the next step today

With so many exciting developments in technology, there’s never been a better time for young people to get involved and we want to be a part of making that happen. Register your interest to ensure your students get the opportunity to take part.

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